16 May

The majority of people are those who don’t know the difference between experience and credible surveyors from those who are mediocre. Making the wrong choice can lead to serious consequences because your land will not be surveyed accurately. You need to take your time and identify one who is experienced and skilled in this area. There are many of them out there which means you need to be careful when making your selection. Follow the below tips to ensure you identify a professional land surveyor.

It is advisable for you to begin by getting recommendations from your title company. In most cases title companies usually have a list of reputable land surveyors. Alternatively, you can talk to some of your friends and family members who have in the past had these services. They will point you in the right direction. It is best for you to choose one who has knowledge in surveying both residential and commercial projects. Consider also viewing the websites of different land surveying companies and do a comparison of their portfolios. Read online reviews for you to gather more information about their credibility from the experiences of previous clients.

It is important for you to identify a company that has liability insurance. A company that is licensed and bonded does not mean that they have liability insurance. A bond in most cases is never enough to cover for all the damages in case the surveyor makes a serious mistake. Liability insurance on the other hand, will ensure that you get fully compensated for your property in case of any mistake. It is vital for you to ask about this type of insurance because any mistake may lead to serious consequences in the future. Find also about their coverage limits.

It is essential for you to look for a lens of a company with vast experience. Land survey involves a lot of technicalities. It is for this reason you are advised to work with someone who has the specific background you require in order to get an accurate survey. A company that has been there for many years and has a team of surveyors with the right experience will give you comfort to know that the outcome of your project will be great. Don’t choose a company that is still new because there is a high likelihood you may not get the best land survey Atlanta  services.

Another consideration when looking for a land survey company is cost. The cost is usually determined by the size of land to be surveyed and other technicalities involved. Identify highly rated companies and contact them and request for quotes. Do a comparison to be able to identify one that is affordable. Conducting interviews with at least three potential companies will enable you to choose one that is highly experienced and knowledgeable. Request them to provide you with references who you can call to find out if indeed their services are reliable. Consider a company that also offers other related services such as land planning, construction staking and many others. You want to work with a company that has a good reputation of delivering the best services for many years.

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